Quinoa with Roast Lemon Chicken

I make a batch of this and it lasts me for my lunches for the week. Tasty healthy and quick. Nice served hot or cold.


Start by making a tin foil parcel and place the chicken breasts inside. Add any flavours you want to infuse at this stage. I drizzled some olive oil, white wine, salt/pepper, sprigs of fresh thyme, and slices of lemon. Fold the parcel up tight so that flavours are kept in, and bake on a pre heated oven about 170* for 25mins.

Meanwhile rinse the quinoa through a sieve, add to a saucepan of boiling chicken stock. Simmer for about 20mins, the stock will become absorbed by the quinoa. Start with a little and add water when it becomes dry. 

In the last 5mins of cooking the quinoa add any vegetables you have to hand. Such as curly kale, spinach, tomatoes… Stir in.


A meal ready in 40mins – I like using quinoa it is naturally gluten free, versatile and a complete protein.


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