Bamboo Steamer 

I recently bought a bamboo steamer. I love Chinese food and from my experiences travelling through Hong Kong I wanted to start exploring this way of cooking. 

It’s a very healthy way to cook fish, dumplings or vegetables. 

Fill a saucepan with a few inches of water and once boiling place your bamboo steamer perfectly on the top. (Or place inside the saucepan and put the lid – but be sure you keep the water level topped up)

Line the bamboo steamer with some greaseproof water and steam away!

For my first attempt I had some salmon fillets which I marinaded in lime juice, chilli, garlic and dill overnight. I placed the fillets in the steamer for about 10mins – it tasted delicious and the steaming made it so tender.

I like the idea that you stack the steamers and can have lots of things going on at once!

Great fun and healthy. 


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