Homemade Hinton Marsh Farm Scotch Eggs

I love a good scotch egg! When made fresh and warm from the oven, with the yolk still soft in the middle is truly scrumptious!

I followed the Jamie Oliver recipe following the link below:


Jamie uses a deep fat frier, if you don’t have one as I do not, I have also cooked them before in a frying pan. You get a nice crispy outside, but be careful to keep them moving to ensure an even cooking of the sausage meat. This time I used the oven. My scotch eggs were huge! Almost the size of tennis balls! I baked them in a fan assisted oven about 160/170′ for 25mins. I cut one in half at 25mins and the sausage meat was hot, cooked through and the yolk still soft. So happy days!

**This week from our farmers markets you can buy sausage meat from us, specially prepared for this recipe! So give it a go! It’s fun, yummy and kids will enjoy making eating these too.**

This weekends Farmers Markets:
Wanborough Village Hall 9am-12 noon
Stroud High Street 9am – 2pm
Swindon Designer Outlet 10am-4pm



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