‘Hinton Marsh Farm’ Omelette Recipe

I work at Hinton Marsh Farm and love to create dishes with their fresh free range meat.

I love omelettes – by adding slices of sausages or tearing pieces of flavoured burger mince into the mix can really bump up the flavours!

In my Omelette I fried off pieces of sundried tomato and garlic burger mince and onions, once cooked, I added some mushrooms. I whisked up some eggs, seasoned. Meanwhile I boiled some cubes of Sweet potato, to give it a Spanish edge! Once the potatoes are soft, I drained, added the egg mix to the pan. Scattered the sweet potato and allowed to cook on a low heat. When the omelette was almost cooked I added a handful of rocket leaves and folded it in half, allowing it to cook for a final few minutes then serve! Delicious!

Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You can find delicious Hinton Marsh Farm sausage and burger flavours @ our farmers markets stool on Saturday @ Stroud and Sunday @ Swindon Outlet.



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